breaking bad

breaking bad
breaking bad

Top cast

  • Bryan Cranston · Walter White
  • Aaron Paul · Jesse Pinkman
  • Anna Gunn · Skyler White
  • Betsy Brandt · Marie Schrader
  • RJ Mitte · Walter White Jr.
  • Dean Norris .Hank Schrader
  • Bob Odenkirk.Saul Goodman
  • Betsy Brandt.Marie Schrader
  • Jonathan Banks.Mike Ehrmantraut
  • Steven Michael Quezada.Steven Gomez
  • Giancarlo Esposito.Gus Fring


  • No. of Season 1 to 5
  • First episode date: 20 January 2008
  • Final episode date: 29 September 2013
  • Running time 45-60 minutes
  • Genres: Drama, Crime film, Suspense,Tragedy, Thriller, Dark comedy, Crime TV genre

breaking bad

  • Spin-off: Better Call Saul
  • Directors: Vince Gilligan, Michael Slovis, Colin Bucksey, MORE
  • Networks: AMC, AMC Networks, FX Networks
  • Theme song: Breaking Bad Theme


Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama, MORE


  • IMDb 9.5/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes 96%

breaking bad

Season 1 story line……….

Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher living in Albuquerque and working part time at a local car wash. Following his 50th birthday, he got to know that he has lung cancer. On a ride along with his DEA brother-in-law Hank, during a meth raid, he sees his former student Jesse Pinkman.

Captain Cook.That’s not you and Walt blackmail him to helping him produce crystal meth. They try to do so in an old RV in a desert. Now Jesse drives into town to meet Crazy 8 and Emilio for distribution pigment drives crazy 8.

Emilio to the RV where they intend to kill bald, but Walt poisons them with pretending to share.This recipe.When they get back to Jessie’s house, they got to know that the crazy eight is still alive and they tie him to a pole.

Now they toss a coin to who will dispose of Emilio and who will kill crazy 8, in which Jesse wins and chooses to dispose the corps. Meanwhile, Skylar is growing suspicious of Walt recent behavior. Walt has given Jesse specific instruction.

To use hydrofluoric acid and a plastic bin, but he chooses us to ignore the instructions and tries to dispose the body in the bathtub which ultimately leads to collapse of the bathtub along with the ceiling. Vault is in dilemma whether to kill crazy eight or not.

Meanwhile to keep Skyler off his back would tell her that.Is smoking marijuana when bringing food for crazy eight world collapses and why he was passed out crazy eight take his piece of shattered plate. When Bolt wakes up he decided to let crazy it go but soon he realizes that crazy it has a broken piece and soon strangles him in defense self.

Hank along with DEA reports the discovery of a high quality method.Meanwhile, Walt tells his family about cancer and Jesse goes to his parents house, where soon he forced to leave while attending a birthday party of his former wealthy acquaintance Elliot, with whom years earlier Walt had formed a company named Gray Matter but opted to sell off his shares Elliott and wife.

Tries to financially help Walt, but he declines his instead, he goes back to Jesse’s house and ask him to resume his partnership. They won’t come to an agreement in which the world will be a silent partner and Jesse will be the distributor.

Meanwhile, Hank investigating a reciprocator back to schools chemistry lab where Walt teachers and arrested a janitor for all suspicion.And Jesse got to know the reason behind Mr White’s collaboration with him. After selling meth, their shares come out to be pitiful amount.

So Walt tells Jesse to find a new distributor.Hello Sir. Hey, I know you don’t know me, but would you be interested in a felony quantity of methamphetamine? And apparently Taco is the guy who has replaced crazy eight. When Jesse goes to meet him, Taco severely beats Jessie and steals the man.

Afterwards, Walt arranges a meeting with Taco under name.Heisenberg Walt, who has a bag full of fulminated mercury instead of meth, throws it onto the ground, which creates an explosion which forces Taco to agree to the payment.

The renewed in Taco and Vault goes a little sideways when Walt couldn’t deliver the amount of meth promised.Now Walt and Jesse tries to break into a warehouse to steal methylamine. On the following day he cooks in Jessie’s basement and delivers promised amount to Taco. While the transaction is going on. Tacos Man made an unnecessary remark which made tacos furious beat the man with his fest.

breaking bad

how many episodes in breaking bad season 1 ?

14 Episode

how many episodes in breaking bad season 2

26 Episode

how many episodes in breaking bad season 3

26 Episode

how many episodes in breaking bad season 4

26 Episode

how many episodes in breaking bad season 5

32 Episode

Where I see breaking bad season ?


where to watch breaking bad


breaking bad

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breaking bad

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