game of throne

game of throne
game of throne

game of throne

Top Cast

  • Emilia Clarke. Daenerys Targaryen
  • Sophie Turner. Sansa Stark
  • Kit Harington. Jon Snow
  • Jason Momoa. Khal Drogo
  • Maisie Williams. Arya Stark
  • Lena Headey .Cersei Lannister
  • Natalie Dormer. Margaery Tyrell
  • Peter Dinklage. Tyrion Lannister
  • Rose Leslie. Ygritte
  • Nathalie Emmanuel. Missandei
  • MORE

  • Writers: David Benioff, George R. R. Martin, D. B. Weiss, Bryan Cogman, Vanessa Taylor, Jane Espenson, Dave Hill
  • Directors: Mark Mylod, Alex Graves, David Nutter, MORE
  • Final episode date: 19 May 2019
  • Languages: Dothraki language, English, Spanish, German, Languages of A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Genres: Serial, Action, Drama, Adventure, Thriller, Suspense, MORE
  • Theme song: Game of Thrones Theme
  • Original release: April 17, 2011 –; May 19, 2019
  • Production locations: United Kingdom; Croatia;
  • No. of seasons:1 to 8
  • Production companies: HBO Entertainment;


IMDb 9.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes 89%

game of throne season one spoiler……..

The series opens in the northern wastes of Westeros in a time when the continent is nearing the end of a long, peaceful summer and facing the prospect of winter once again, a group of nights watch soldiers are attacked by undead white waters.

From the very beginning, the series shows viewers that the true enemy lurks far to the north, even as westeros’s great houses scheme and plot against each other. On the other side of the wall, Eddard Ned Stark tries to keep the peace in Winterfell the old fashioned way.

But soon enough, King Robert Baratheon and his extensive entourage Payton added, his family a visit. Robert wants Ned to serve as the new King’s hand. Ned would just as soon stay home because the job description sounds well, the king sheets and the hand wipes.

But once it becomes clear that previous hand, Ned’s old friend John Aaron was murdered.Ned reluctantly decides to pack up and move to King’s Landing to protect his old war buddy. Ned brings his two daughters, the ladylike Sansa and the tomboyish Aria, along for the journey.

He leaves his eldest son Rob to rule Winterfell alongside Lady Catlin and his other sons Bran and Rickon. Not that brand has much of a choice. After climbing around on the castle walls, he spies some big time.

Lannister incest. Jamie pushes him out of the tower window, leaving him permanently paralyzed and with just a bit of amnesia.Ned is not thrilled with what he finds when he arrives in Kings Landing. He uncovers evidence that Jamie was the true father of all three of Cersei’s children, and that Roberts True Air is actually a ******* blacksmiths apprentice named Gendry.

Unfortunately, Ned is not great at politics or dealing with backstabbing advisors like Littlefinger and Varys.But since there weren’t any tower windows, handy seriously arranges the death of her husband and has Ned imprison her disgusting son. Joffrey is crowned king, and one of his first acts is to publicly execute.

Neck area is able to escape King’s landing during the fallout, but Sansa finds herself trapped in the city and facing the prospect of marrying disgusting.Jeffrey back in Winterfell, Stark Lannister relations were already falling apart when Catlin blamed Searcy’s brother Tyrion for brands fall.

Tyrion clears his name with a little help from an opportunistic mercenary named Braun and returns to King’s Landing. But once news of Ned’s death reaches Winterfell, all hell breaks loose. Winterfell secedes from the Seven Kingdoms, and Rob is declared king in the north.

After scoring some early victories in capturing Jamie, Robb’s legend begins to grow. The Rob isn’t the only challenger to the throne, however. Half a world away, the surviving Targaryens are plotting their comebacks.

The possibly more disgusting than Joffrey Viserys marries off his young sister Denaris to barbarian warlord Khal Drogo. You will be his queen, but it isn’t long before Viserys pushes his luck too far and finds himself wearing an entirely different sort of crown.

Zooming. He wasn’t dead before he hit the ground and could actually find himself doing anything at all. Dineros finds herself falling in love with her new husband and his people, even as her faithful bodyguard, Sir Jorah Mormont, makes googly eyes at her.

She also narrowly escapes an assassin sent from King’s Landing. Sadly, denaris winds up losing both Drogo.And their unborn child and return. Though she gains 3 new fire breathing children and the new moniker Mother of Dragons.

It’s the first step in her journey towards conquering book Essos and Westeros and reclaiming her birthright.Back in Westeros, Ned’s ******* son Jon Snow decides there’s no place for him at Winterfell and swears allegiance to the Night’s Watch. He’s also hoping to track down his uncle Benjen, who was cool to John at a party once, but is now missing somewhere beyond the wall.

John doesn’t find many friends in Castle Black, apart from these sheltered, bookish Samwell, Tarley and the elderly master.Damon, who just so happens to be another surviving Targaryen, John, does attract the eye of Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, estranged father to Sir friendzone, or I mean Sir Jora, who recognizes John as one of the few decent and honorable men in the Night’s Watch.

He even bestows upon John the Mormont family sword Long Claw, one of the few Valyrian steel weapons still remaining.And not a moment too soon, as the dead are quickly beginning to wake up in the icy lands beyond the wall.

game of throne season one spoiler……..

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game of throne

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