halloween ends plot leak |HALLOWEEN ENDS Ending Explained 2022

halloween ends plot leak

One last go at Haddonfield and we finally get the answer to the age-old question. Does evil die tonight? Evil dies tonight? Probably not. They’ll reboot this in like 5 years. But in this video we’re gonna be breaking down the story, the ending, some of the Easter eggs and theories along with our reaction and review for this third.Installment in the H4 O Trilogy, Halloween kills took things for a loop and honestly derailed the flow of where the 2018 Halloween reboot sequel reboot Wall.

halloween ends plot leak |HALLOWEEN ENDS Ending Explained 2022
halloween ends plot leak |HALLOWEEN ENDS Ending Explained 2022

Runtime: 1h 51m
Release Date (Theaters): Oct 14, 2022 wide
Genre: Holiday, Horror, Mystery & thriller

I don’t know what this messy timeline is anymore was taking things, but we do know one thing. Lori is a fortyish year. Obsession is bringing the shape.Out for one last tour so let’s see if this Mike Myers has got his mojo back now. If you enjoy this video then please estab that like button as it helps the channel out. And also don’t forget to subscribe for breakdowns, Easter eggs, theory videos and recaps like this every day.

With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this.Now let’s get into Halloween ends.Now Halloween kills ends in a Michael Myers Battle Royale against the citizens of Haddonfield with him coming out victorious claiming the heavyweight Halloween belt and also Laurie Strodes daughter Karen.

Man, the last few years have not been great for Karens. Instead Halloween ends starts with a bit of a time jump rather than picking up right.After the 2018 Halloween massacre, we open on the following years, 2019 Halloween, with hints of Michael Meyer having not been seen since that fateful night. This prologue, in a sense, sets the tone of Haddonfield only a year later.

People of course still on edge, along with introducing a new character of Corey.Cunningham, nerdy high schooler, going to college to become an engineer in the fall. Now Jeremy and him watch scary movies, one of them being John Carpenter’s the thing. Of course, a nod to Carpenter who directed the original Halloween, but also tying into the theme of evil and you can never really tell who it’s in.

Jeremy plays a trick on Cory which goes horribly wrong, resulting in the Little Boy Olympic swan diving three stories down, pancaking right in front of his unexpecting parents. This sequence and cinematography feels similar to the stairwell scene from the original 1978 film, obviously less graphic.And sets up Corey’s origin story.

The opening title sequence kicks in with the iconic John Carpenter theme, the font style and coloring with its light blue paint homage to that of Halloween threes opening titles and again we have the familiar pumpkin, but with it entirely being a different animation from the previous two films.2018’s Halloween saw the pumpkin reverse rotting, almost symbolizing the franchise returning to its former glory or reborn after, you know, some not great sequels.

Halloween kills. Pumpkin was ablaze, symbolizing total carnage and ends shows pumpkins morphing from within one another.Bursting outward with progressively more evil expressions on each that follows. This symbolizes the inner evils everyone has and how the evil can spread, but most notably how Michael supernatural evil, I’m going to call it that because I I mean, he’s well beyond being hangry spreads to Corey.Corrupting him?

The year is now 2022, four years after the Halloween massacre from the previous two films. Laurie gives us a long, drawn out speech, which is a memoir. She is writing recounting all of the events leading up to this film and how Haddonfield is almost cursed, infecting many of its citizens.With grief, blame, paranoia again, leaning into that supernatural element to Michael and his evil, even though this film remains grounded with its approach to everything.

There’s newspaper clippings recounting the events from previous films, obituaries for Linda and Bob from the first film, The Manhunt for Michael.And this knight Blade Landmark refers to the working title of the 2018 Halloween Film The Radio DJ. In the background is sort of the explain everything away device here, asking how anyone could be shot and beat on the street and still get up.

He’s got to be some sort of supernatural beast and mentions.That Michael hasn’t been seen for four years. He must be in hibernation or something. Corey is a washed up failure in the eyes of Hatton Field because of the instant back in 2019. He is bullied by high school band members. Wait, wait, hold on. Did I just read that right?

High school band.Members are the jocks of the 2020 twos. What the is going on anyway? This bullying connects Corey to both Laurie Strode and Allison, whom he becomes romantically involved with later in the film, but also the shape who is playing the most elaborate game of where in the world is.Michael Myers Allison plays with some tarot cards and draws the death card, which is a huge foreshadowing to the ending of the film followed by now that just means a major phase is ending and a new one is about to begin.

So that pretty much puts a nail in the coffin with that of, which hints at brighter days in Allison’s future.But could also be a heavy-handed hint at the franchise going with her or adopting her as the new final girl. We seemingly find out Michael has been hanging out with his pal Pennywise in the sewers after dragging Corey into his TMNT layer.

We’re like 41 minutes into the movie. We haven’t even seen him yet, so Michael’s.Manager did not do great in the contract negotiations, but this is where we see Michael kinda act out of character from what we’ve seen in the previous films showing empathy towards Cory looking into his eyes. He can see the pain and hurt that he has gone through and it’s literally a Liam Neeson Darkman situation where essentially Michael.Sees a new rightful heir to the mask and injects his evil right into Corey again in a grounded sense.

But the supernatural energies are playing a big role, even if they want to be explained as like evil, hatred, fear, or any sort of vile feeling we’re supposed to believe, Michael has been in hiding.Ever since the instant on Halloween 2018. But there’s a handful of hints here that I think he’s been killing on other Halloween nights. The biggest clue is this missing Megan Baxter billboard.

There was a handful of set photos with this same billboard showing that she had gone missing on Halloween 2001. So like.A wounded animal Michael has been hunting, but very much less grandiose. Corey is an inquisitive little murder man learning from Michael, which was cool to see because Michael is like feasting, almost surviving on this carnage and kills that he commits, because before this he looked like a decrepit.Old man, but then slowly starts to stand up straight. Have more force to him.

It’s like a visual representation of a video game character filling U. Their special meter looked wild. Michael is in Corey as he slowly begins to act more and more like the shape. Honestly, the two of them are like predators fighting.Of the mask, like a Mama and her cub who will be the alpha as Michael takes him under his wing, teaching him as the two go.

On a revenge trip that references events and things from the previous films, Allison’s coworkers are dispatched, one with a Corkscrew referring to Charlie from H2O, and another pinned against the wall.Like Bob in the original film, Corey uses a wrench, which is a clever little Easter egg to the original film because to break the window in escaping from the mental hospital, a wrench was held in the actor’s hand.

You can see here breaking it. Ronald is watching Jean Claude Van Damme’s hard target. There is no reference here, I just think that it’s a kick.S 90s action movie treat yourself. But at the radio station, the receptionist is played by Diana Prince, who plays Darcy, the male girl on the last Drive in series.

Yeah, that’s how I know her. Willie the Kid also says resurrections, which is a hint towards Halloween resurrection. Corey also shows.Similar qualities to Michael standing like him outside of Lawry’s window earlier in the film, him sitting up like Michael after falling off the radio station building and spending the night in the abandoned house where the kid died, like Michael did in his old home in the 1978 film.

Earlier in the film, Allison also plays what sounds like the first three notes.Of the Halloween theme.The final person on this revenge tour of death happens to be Lori, though she tricks Corey, shooting him as he falls down the stairwell. However, it’s all a miscommunication, as Allison thinks Laurie is the crazy one here, leaving her to fend off Michael all by her lonesome.

This whole encounter feels very reminiscent of the 1978 encounter with Lori hiding in the closet while also wearing a very similar outfit that she did in that film. Only this time she completely surprises Michael. Now he tries to put her hand in the garbage disposal, which is yet again another reference to Halloween H2O I.I thought people did not like that movie.

Why do they keep referencing it but ends up essentially crucifying him on the kitchen counter? This was sort of foreshadowed by the homeless man and his ramblings earlier in the film. Actually, Laurie pulls off Michael’s mask like a scooby-doo villain, but with one final I’m not dead moment from Michael.But Allison saves the day, breaking his arm.

No lie. It is then a Michael Myers prayed around Haddonfield to let everyone know that the monster is finally slain. Seriously. They strap him to their car like a damn Christmas tree. They drive him to the junkyard and grind that some beach.Up like some savory ground pork, Laurie finally lives in peace, looking like she and Hawkins might have, you know, an item.

Starting up, Allison drives off to start her own adventure, which no doubt will ambiguously set up a sequel. While we now see different parts of Laurie’s home in the silence of daylight, this symbolizes that.Hair is done because the end of the original film showcased rooms Michael had killed in with the drone of the theme plane in the darkness of the night, but now shows that Laurie is in better times.

Her mind can now be at ease. There’s a final shot of Michael’s mask, as blue oyster cults don’t fear the Reaper.Kicks in and the credits begin again, featuring the same blue font from Halloween three. But the song has a few different meanings here. First is Laurie having a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell. I’m just messing around.

I had to do that, but the song does play in the original 1978 film when Annie.And Lori are driving around. But the most obvious is being that Lori no longer has to fear the Reaper, AKA Death, AKA the ship, AKA Mike Myers. Yeah baby, yeah. Now there are a lot of metaphors about hate in this and how it can spread and affect equating.

To the supernatural powers Michael possessed, he was fueled by hatred like many others after the events in 2018. Cory breaking the bottle leading to the tire smash, his mother yelling at him, the woman at the grocery store, the bullies. It’s the whole concept of the chain of screaming from How I Met your mother.

But here they are equating the events happening to an individual person, a victim and essentially victim blaming, therefore spreading to others and morphs into hatred. It’s contagious and when one boogeyman disappears, another one takes their place. Evil doesn’t die. Sorry everyone that was chanting that in Halloween kills.

Evil dies tonight, but instead it changes shape by by this logic, they should not have paraded Michael around like he was some sort of sassy runway model. As for where they could take the Halloween franchise, next seems a bit bleak, with Michael Myers being turned into hamburger meat. Hawkins. You knew dinsha.

The shape as we know it is gone, but the movie does paint the picture that it’s never Michael Myers character, but rather the evil that was in him, the supernatural evil that can spread from person to person. Like we saw with Corey, it’s forever going to be in Haddonfield, a dread pirate.Roberts approach, where the mask is the key, so someone is going to be corrupted by the mask, much like Jim Carrey in the mask, and the next person is going to take on this mantle.

I could see Allison somehow returning back to Haddonfield for Laurie’s funeral, and in that case she has to go up against whoever this next person is that.Is reigniting all of these murders. That’s sort of what I gathered from the death Tarot card about new beginnings. They’ll they’ll probably even call it something like Halloween returns or something like that.

Just just you wait. Hell, they could even bring back Michael Myers, bring him back to life, heavily leaning on the supernatural elements, saying that like the person that actually died.Was his long lost brother, I don’t know. Nigel Myers. Whatever they can do to keep this franchise alive and continue making them money, am I really going to defile this grave for money?

Of course I am.Honestly, I thought Halloween ends landed more in the realm of Halloween kills than the 2018 Halloween. There’s some big swings that they are going for, but ultimately it is more misses than hits. Like the idea of this evil that spreads like a virus is there but never fully established.Instead leading into a faux Bonnie and Clyde romance that I thought was going to turn Alison fully against Laurie.

I liked the tone down version of Laurie and her settling back into an actual life, but Michael definitely went out like a chump. The final climax between these two was lack luster at best, but I know that.Others out there or going to love this? There’s some weird ideas.

I can’t deny that the revenge corrupted nature of Michael’s evil is going to resonate with some people, but for me it just not so much. But obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on Halloween ends and whether or not you were disappointed by the lack of evil dies.Two nights that were chanted throughout. Top Gun Maverick on the 15th of November .

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