meghan markle | harry meghan trailer

Meghan Markle

meghan markle
meghan markle | harry meghan trailer

Top cast

  • Pamela Enchanted-Self
  • Paul Burrell-Self
  • Darn Butler-Self
  • Richard Fitzwilliams-Self
  • Shelagh Fogarty-Self
  • Bonnie Greer-Self
  • Robert Hardman-Self
  • Katie Holmes-Self(archive footage)
  • Peter Hunt-Self
  • Jamelia-Self

  • Director -Amber Rondel
  • Writer- Lucy Ciara McCutcheon
  • Genre – Documentary
  • Runtime -56 minutes
  • Budget- £100,000 (estimated)
  • Release date- August 2, 2022 (United States)
  • Country of origin- United Kingdom
  • Official site -A production company specializing in the content of the British Royal family.
  • Language -English
  • Production company -Tudor Productions
  • Watch on Netflix
meghan markle | harry meghan trailer

Meghan Markle | harry Meghan trailer

Declaration of war!’ Royal expert reacts to new Meghan Markle Prince Harry Netflix trailer

This is a declaration of war against the Royal family. They even used the word war in this trailer. You’ve got their high-powered lawyer Jenny Afia from shillings who uses the word war. And it’s clear that that’s what they’re aiming for.

If you thought that first trailer was bad, you know, wait till you’ve seen this one. Friends of Prince William and Catherine had said to me after that first trailer that they were sickened that they appeared in it. Well, this is even worse.

It seems to me that this trailer is relating to the first three. Episodes are going to be streamed this Thursday, and I sense that they’re holding back a lot for those next three the following week. I dread to think what’s in those.

Prince Harry and Meghan have to concede that they got really generous favorable coverage when they got married, and before that, so in this trailer. What you see are references to that. You’ve even got Piers Morgan’s voice on the voiceover welcoming Megan into the royal family.

Then what they say is that everything changed. Then they go straight into mentioning the hierarchy and the royal family . Let’s be clear about what that means. They’re referring to Prince William being the heir to the throne and above Prince Harry and the line of succession.

They are clearly targeting Prince William and Catherine with this talk about the hierarchy. And then also they talk about how stories started to be leaked against them. Now, we’ve heard this before in the Oprah Winfrey interview.

And it’s just simply not true. How do I know that the stories weren’t leaked against them? Because I was the first one that broke a negative story about Harry and Meghan, which was the departure of Meghan’s assistant, Melissa, who’d been so key in helping to organize the wedding.

And that story sort of opened the floodgates. Brothers started to come out. What we are seeing is clear attempts to portray them as victims to make sure that Megan’s the new Diana figure. Will the viewers fall for this? I’m not so sure. Perhaps around the world, but I think in Britain people know the true story.

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