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Car Battery Charger 6A 12V Car and Motorcycle Battery Charging Device Lead-acid Battery Smart Repair LCD Display

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• 6A Power Efficient :This car battery charger boasts a 6A power efficient rating, ensuring quick and effective charging without compromising on battery health.

• 12V Compatibility :Designed to be compatible with 12V car and motorcycle batteries, this charger is versatile and can cater to a wide range of vehicles.

• Smart Repair LCD Display :Equipped with a smart repair LCD display, this charger allows users to monitor the charging process in real time, enhancing user experience and ensuring proper charging.

• Lead-acid Battery Friendly :Specifically designed to be friendly with lead-acid batteries, this charger provides reliable and safe charging solutions for this type of batteries.

• Compact and Portable :Its compact and portable design makes this charger easy to carry around, perfect for on-the-go use and emergency charging needs.

Please note:

You need to clip the clip onto the battery to identify the battery for charging and repair.It is impossible to charge the battery without detecting it.


Name:12V 6A Intelligent Charger
Material:plastic shell
Size :( l×w×h): 150 × 85 × 62mm
Voltage: 12V
Types of batteries: Most types of lead acid batteries including Calcium, GEL and AGM, Wet,EFB, etc..
Voltage detection: Yes
Switchmode technology: Yes
Polarity protection: Yes
Output short protection: Yes
Non battery link protection: Yes
Over voltage protection: Yes
Over temperature protection: Yes
Cooling: Fan
Input voltage: AC 110-220V, 50-60Hz
Minimum start voltage: 8.0V
Battery range: 4-100Ah
Thermal protect: 65'C+/-5'C
Efficiency: App. 85%.
Compliant standards: CE,FCC,ROHS,CMA


- Microprocessor controlled
-Professional automatic switch mode
- For charging AGM,GEL,SLA and Wet batteries
-LCD Display & Press REPAIR Charge
- Overheat,overcharge,short circuit & reverse polarity protection
- Maximizes battery life

Package includes:

1x12V 6A Intelligent Charger
1 x Manual

Attention steps:


1.Red clip clip positive pole, The black clip clips the negative pole.

2.Plug in the home 220 V.

3. Select the desired mode,and the power starts charging.


-You need to clip the clip onto the battery to identify the battery for charging.

-It is impossible to charge the battery without detecting it.

- Purchase please select the same polarity consistent socket,charger
- This charger please for indoor,beware of rain
- This charger is for battery capacity between 4AH to 100AH
- Please check the capacity (AH) of your battery before buying the charger! Thanks!
- Do not be carried with the vehicle,prevent shock.

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