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spider man no way home

spider man no way home
spider man no way home

spider man no way home ( Top cast )

  • Tom Holland · Peter Parker
  • Zendaya · MJ
  • Benedict Cumberbatch · Doctor Strange
  • Jacob Batalon · Ned Leeds
  • Jon Favreau · Happy Hogan.

spider man no way home

  • Box Office (Gross USA): $814.1M
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy
  • Release Date (Theaters): Dec 17, 2021, wide
  • Runtime: 2h 28m

spider man no way home

  • Release date: 17 December 2021 (USA)
  • Director: Jon Watts
  • Budget: 20 crores USD
  • Production companies: Marvel Studios, Columbia Pictures, Pascal Pictures
  • Written by: Chris McKenna; ‎Erik Sommers‎
  • Cinematography: Mauro Fiore
  • Based on: Spider-Man; by: ‎Stan Lee‎; ‎Steve Dit…‎
  • Distributed by: Sony Pictures Releasing


  • IMDb 8.3/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes 93%
  • Metacritic 71%

Spider man no way home

Today I’m going to explain an American superhero film titled Spiderman No way home. Spoilers ahead, watch out, and take care. The movie begins in the very last scene of far from home, where Mysterio revealed the true identity of Spiderman as Peter Parker and defamed Peter Parker for his murder during the Europe attack and outed him as Spiderman to the public.

Parker flees from an angry crowd with his girlfriend, MJ, and returns back to his apartment, where he learns that Aunt May had broken up with happy. Peter gives the news to them that he has been exposed in front of the whole world.

Soon the FBI gets into the apartment of captives Parker MJ Ned and Aunt May, but soon they managed to be lifted by lawyer Matt Murdock. Parker returns to his high school surrounded by a bunch of media outlets.

There, Peter gets to know that his university applications is been rejected, including the application of Ned and MJ for just being his friends during the Halloween season, Parker got an idea to meet with Doctor Strange.

He then arrives at Sanctum Sanctorum, asking Strange to cast a spell to make everyone forget Peter Parker as Spiderman. But Strange didn’t have the limestone since it got destroyed in time. Strange got another idea, despite one’s warning.

The consequences that could incur strange cast the spell anyway, making everyone in the world for about Peter Parker Spiderman, including him as well. However, the spell is damaged when Peter insists on strange to let his close friends remain the same, which makes the.

Other universes to collapse. Assuming the spell worked, Parker goes to the Alexander Hamilton Bridge and tries to convince an MIT administrator to accept ***** and MJ’s applications to the university. Suddenly the bridge is attacked by doctor Ottawa Octavius, who has entered this universe.

Doctor Octavius fights Spiderman and in between he rips his nanotechnology from his iron spider suit, causing it to bond with his mechanical tentacles. When Peter removes his mask, Dr. Octavius discovers that this isn’t the Peter Parker he had previously fought. spider man no way home

Because of the nanotech that emerges in his robotic arms, Peter manages to control them and makes his robotic arms disabled. Peter then captures him and places him in a holding cell in the sanctum Santorum in the sanctum Sanctorum.

We discover that the lizard. Has also been captured by Strange. With the help of MJ and Ned, Peter decides to capture other possible visitors from the multiverse. Peter then finds Electro, who attacks him, but Suddenly Sandman arrives there and helps Peter.

Peter then captives them both and locks them in the sanctum Sanctorum. A homeless Norman Osborne is retrieved after going to a feast facility building, seeking help from Aunt May. Peter, after knowing it, quickly arrives there. spider man no way home

They’re Peter says to him that he will surely send him back home safely. He then also took. Norman with him Strange wants to send the villains back to their respective universes and meet their death because it’s their fate to die while fighting Spiderman. spider man no way home

However, Peter wants to cure and help them before sending them back to prevent their deaths. He frees them and confines them. Strange in the mirror dimension after a brief fight. Peter then takes all five villains to Happy’s apartment. Peter successfully cures Octavius by using stark technology to engineer a device to replace his broken inhibitor chip.

When Peter develops the cure for Electro and lizard. Green Goblin makes them realize that what Spiderman did to them before the cure can be administered. Goblin then manipulates Electro into removing the device that Peter put on him to cure him, and despite the best efforts of Peter and Octavius, the other four escape.

In the ensuing battle, may got critically injured by the goblin, with Peter unable to save her as she succumbs to her wounds. Fearing the worst, after no contact from Peter and Jay and Ned accidentally learned how to open portals using Doctor Strange’s Sling Ring,

which they use in an attempt to find Spiderman from other universes, Ned opens the portal, and Andrew Garfield, Spiderman. Arrives there net again, opens another portal. Now Toby McGuire. Spiderman arrives.

Ned and MJ find their Peter, who is confronted by MJ after learning of Maya’s death. Tom Spiderman then meets the other Spiderman from their respective universes who share their own stories of losing loved ones, like Andrew Spiderman losing Gwen Stacy and Toby Spiderman losing Uncle Ben. They then encourage him to fight in Maya’s honor.

They cooperate on curing the remaining villains. They decided to lure them to the Statue of Liberty, which is now upgraded with a giant shield of Captain America. In his honor, Ned and MJ protect the magical box.

While this Spider-Man battled their enemies together, which was the greatest superhero fight with villains ever, Electro reconciles with his own universe, Peter, and is encouraged to let go of his villainous tendencies.

But the three spider-men along with Octavius? Who arrives on the scene to help manage to defeat and Cure Electro, Sandman, and Lizard? In between the battle, Ned Freeze is strange from the mirror dimension.

Strange is surprised to see that Peter’s plan really worked. Unknown them seize control of the spell and works to protect the current universe as the barriers begin to break down between the other universes and strange is unable to stop it.

Meanwhile, a raffle Parker overpowers and brutally fights the Doblin as revenge for May’s death. But shortly is stopped by Peter from his universe and saves him from death. But Green Goblin again shows his evilness and stabs Toby in the back.

As Doblin redirects the blame for Maya’s death on Peter, Parker injects him with the cure, restoring him to a regretful.Osborne.To prevent further destruction, Strange has to again make the spell that will erase Peter Parker’s memory from everyone’s mind.

Having no other option, Parker requests Strange to cast that spell. Strange fixes the spell, sending the alternate villains and their Spiderman back to their respective universes while making everyone forget parkers existence. Later, Parker arrives at MJ and Ned and tries to make them remember his existence and reconnect with them. spider man no way home

Jay and NAD, but cannot bring himself to do it and leaves as an anonymous Peter Parker. Parker visits May’s grave, joined by Happy, who is also now unaware of his identity. Peter promises himself to carry on.

Parker then creates a new suit from scratch to resume his independent heroics. In the mid-credit scene, the universe displaced Eddie Brock and his symbiote companion Venom sit at a bar and talk with the bartender about other superhumans and the blip while pondering how to protect this new world, the duo are swiftly transported back to their universe. By strange spell, unknowingly, they leave a part of Venom on the counter and the movie ends here.

spiderman no way home

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spider man no way home

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