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the crown season 5
the crown season 5

Top Cast

  • Claire Foy · Queen Elizabeth II
  • Olivia Colman · Queen Elizabeth II
  • Imelda Staunton · Queen Elizabeth II
  • Matt Smith · Philip,Duke of Edinburgh
  • Tobias Menzies . Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Dominic West. Prince Charles
  • Lesley Manville . Princess Margaret
  • Charles Edwards . Martin Charteris
  • Elizabeth Debicki . Princess Diana
  • Jonathan Pryce . Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

the crown season 5 release date on November 9, 2022.

  • No. of Season ; 1 – 5
  • Genres: History, Drama, Historical drama
  • Network: Netflix
  • Language: English
  • Program creator: Peter Morgan
  • Writers: Peter Morgan, Duncan Macmillan, Nick Payne, MORE
  • Awards: Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama, MORE
  • Original release: 4 November 2016 –; present
  • Production location: United Kingdom


  • IMDb 8.7/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes 87%

the crown season 5 story line….

the crown season 5 ending explained well, the show is finally back. After being without a new season for two years, the show has returned for the 5th installment, covering the era of Charles and Diana’s divorce. Once the public’s uncertainty around the need of a monarch that was being viewed as aging and out of touch was ever so present with a lot to unpack.

From this the crown season 5 I thought I’d recap, breakdown and explain all that there was to take away from this latest season of the show. So let’s get into it. Here is the crown season 5 ending explained. Just to let you know, this website will contain spoilers.

This the crown season 5 focused on a couple of main aspects which were embedded. Throughout every episode, and we saw connected to the royal family. It was that of divorce, the breaking down of a family, and the idea that if something is too old, it’s too costly to fix and is most likely going to be outdated and won’t survive in the modern world.

We saw this personified on-screen mostly with the Queen, with how she felt about herself in the sense that.She was starting to view herself as old. In fact, it was one of the first things we saw opening up the season.

She was envious and upset that Philip was finding companionship and a younger woman. The Britannia yacht was too old and was getting decommissioned. Prince Charles stated that he felt as though his mother was out of touch with the people.

The BBC was being viewed as dated.Amongst the era of satellite television and also the public were increasingly believing that the monarchy was something that wasn’t needed anymore. The modern world was among them and they didn’t know what to do.

This carried through all the way to the end of the season when Tony Blair was elected into power based on the very foundation that he was catching the mood of the country and that a new dawn.

The broken with the introduction of New Labour, a 43 year old Prime Minister was elected into power, which was a polar contrast to the predecessors and the youngest since the 1800s. Showing that maybe an old queen couldn’t capture what the people needed and that the setting up of Diana with Charles even though he didn’t want to marry her, which we found out in this season.

Meant that a younger woman was something that brought the popularity along with it. I’m going to break this website down by the main talking points. Diana’s inclusion in the show. For a lot of the show we saw the story mainly focus around Diana and her involvement in the royal family at that time.

It was the era of separation from Prince Charles where there were multiple scandals.Such as the leaked phone call which at the time in 1993 was called Tampon Gate, where the conversation between Charles and Camilla was plastered all over the newspapers.

Following the announcement of Diana and Charles Separation, we saw a struggling Diana in this season, and one that was summed up perfectly by the episode seven title No Woman’s Land, a place where Diana was all too familiar with.

A woman who despite not being tied to the royal family anymore in the sense of love but on paper marriage, she still had the fame, attention but most importantly the trauma of all that came with her life when she was part of the royal family.

Her sense of not belonging, post separation was still present as we even saw when she was in the marriage when she was asked for names of her. Friends. She only named individuals that worked for her, showing that there was no real sense of self identity or belonging, which the show made extremely clear.

The BBC interview with journalist Martin Bashir was something that I thought was done extremely well. As we now know, many years later, Bashir forged bank statements and documents in order to secure an interview with Diana.

Which would later go on to be broadcast on the TV like we saw unfold in the Crown. They painted out Bashir to be a person who was praying on somebody who was in clear need of help, paranoid about being followed, and this and two.

And it seems as though they got the sneaky, manipulative behaviour spots on. There were multiple moments in the season where you really felt the hounding that Diana got from the paparazzi and press on a daily basis.

To the level where she wasn’t able to move comfortably, which was something that was present throughout her time and you did sympathise with the hold that the royal family had on her in this show was something that was evident and the fact that it took so long to get a divorce showed the duty that they expected her to uphold,

with the final episode of the season leaving us last, seeing her getting ready to go on holiday .We know that the fate that’s in store for Diana isn’t a good one, as it’s now the year 1997, the year in which Tony Blair came into power, and also the year that Diana died.

The focus on the outdating of the monarchy. The other main aspect that we saw all throughout the season was the way that the public were viewing the monarchy.

We came in at a time where the Queen had come off of the worst year in history of reigning over the country and her dated views and beliefs were becoming aware by not only the public and press, but by her son, Prince Charles.

Charles is yearning to be king and leading the way in a modern Britain was something that was so clear throughout the entirety of the show, understanding the people.Increasing popularity polls and drifting away from the tradition that had been embedded within the crown for hundreds of years was something that he wanted to incorporate.

We started by hearing how when you’re older, you hold on to your weight more, and from that moment on we saw it being something that was on the Queen’s mind. Her Royal Yacht represented her and that’s why she was so adamant on having it repaired.Because if something old can’t be mended and has no use anymore, then where did that leave her?

And that’s what we saw in the closing episode where she had one final walk around it where she looked emotional at the end as she was essentially reliving her past. Prince Charles was a character that started the season as top of the Poles due to Diana being alongside him and the one for him.

To be ruling the country over his mother was present, however it ended up with him being unfavourable due to all of the scandals that he was involved in with Diana and Camilla. Once the comments that were made about the royal family being extremely out of touch were ingrained throughout the entirety of the season.

What this season did show us is that they can be just as dysfunctional as us. Regular people divorce families, breaking down dysfunctional families and also death of the people that you love. Whilst it’s in a different capacity, a completely different capacity, the approach of hiding it behind the doors of the palace that the Queen took was the very thing that was making the monarchy out of touch.

When we left the royal family at the end of the season, there was no real change .And the viewpoints of the public only apprehension as Tony Blair was coming into power. However, it wasn’t that way for Charles.

The only thing that we saw was that Charles felt as though he wanted to do more to change the perception of the people and his hunger to sit on the throne was ever so present, along with wanting to marry Camilla despite his mother not allowing him to due to tradition.

So it will be interesting to see that develop further. I thought this season of the show was a good one. It was gripping, provided a lot of drama and as per usual, I thought the cast was spot on with appearance, delivery, mannerisms and characteristics.

It’s incredible how good some of them look when compared to the individual elements such as King George and Sonic Alister.Second was an interesting inclusion in the show as it provided elements of all the parts of history that are always interesting to know about, which we wouldn’t ordinarily see depicted.

I’m intrigued to see the next season of the show where it filters though Charles’s hunger to make a change and sit on the throne whilst also going against tradition more by having Camilla by his side is something that’s going to be at the core of his story.

along with the death of diana which will also mean that the all important publics opinion will play their part in dictating the mood of the palace so there you have it the crown season 5 ending explained .

the crown season 5

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the crown season 5

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