the pale blue eye trailer

the pale blue eye trailer
the pale blue eye trailer

top cast

  • Christian Bale-Augustus Landor
  • Gillian Anderson
  • Fred Hechinger
  • Harry Melling-Cadet Edgar Allan Poe
  • Toby Jones-Dr. Daniel Marquis
  • Lucy Boynton-Lea Marquis
  • Robert Duvall-Jean Pepe
  • Timothy Spall-Superintendent Thayer
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg-Patsy
  • Charlie Tahan–Cadet Loughborough

  • Release date: 23 December 2022 (USA)
  • Director: Scott Cooper
  • Producers: Christian Bale, Scott Cooper, Tyler Thompson, John Lesher
  • Cinematography: Masanobu Takayanagi
  • Music director: Howard Shore
  • Executive producers: Tracey Landon, Emily Hunter Salveson, Buddy Patrick, Ryan Smith

the pale blue eye trailer

the pale blue eye trailer

January 6th. Interesting. I think it’s a movie then. Very interesting. This actually looks really interesting. Like the tone and the atmosphere of this trailer alone. If it’s anything similar to the movie, I think the movie is going to be very unique and like somewhat haunting and spooky.

I mean it it features Edgar Allan Poe. He didn’t write this story, but he’s in it, interestingly enough, and it looks like some like spooky stuff is going to happen. So maybe that, like, inspires. The in universe character of Poe to write some of the the stories that he writes.

But yeah, it it also looks like it’s a lot less straightforward than just like Christian Bale solves a murder because there’s like they they mentioned stuff about like instructions for finding immortality. And this cadet had his heart carved out of his chest.

And it, you know, there there could be like a creature or like a cult or a serial killer of some kind. I don’t know. But it it’s a lot more straightforward or not, it’s a lot less straightforward than just like. Hey, someone died.

Let’s find out who killed him, right? Like it’s not a.I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know. It just looks really, really cool and really, really interesting. Christian Bale’s awesome. Terry Milling, Gillian Anderson, Toby Jones is in this.

That’s pretty cool. Robert Duvall, who did it say it’s directed by based on a book by Louis Bayard. And written for the screen and directed by Scott Cooper. Rated R.That’s going to be fun. It’s gonna be fun. It comes out January 6th. That said so, just like a month from now.Very, curious, interesting. It looks really, really good.

And it looks like it’s probably going to be one of the bigger movies to come out on Netflix in in in a while, right? But yeah, I think it looks interesting. I’m probably going to watch it on the channel if you guys want to see that. But otherwise, I think that’s all I got to say, so definitely.

Let me know you guys thought of the trailer down in the comments below. Are you gonna watch this movie when it comes out on Netflix? I would love to hear your opinions. Otherwise, if you enjoyed my reaction, please hit like on the video. Means a lot to me. If you’re new here, hit notification bell and then if you want to support me,

the pale blue eye trailer

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