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Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder
Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder

Top Cast

  • Chris Hemsworth. Thor
  • Natalie Portman . Jane Foster…
  • Christian Bale . Gorr
  • Tessa Thompson . King Valkyrie
  • Taika Waititi . Korg(voice)…
  • Russell Crowe . Zeus
  • Jaimie Alexander. Sif
  • Idris Elba. Heimdall
  • Chris Pratt. Peter Quill…
  • Dave Bautista. Drax
  • Karen Gillan. Nebula
  • Pom Klementieff. Mantis
  • Sean Gunn. Kraglin…
  • Vin Diesel. Groot(voice)
  • Bradley Cooper . Rocket(voice)
  • Carly Rees. Miek
  • Kat Dennings. Darcy Lewis
  • Suren Jayemanne. Asgardian Stagehand

  • Production company: Marvel Studios
  • Produced by: Kevin Feige; ‎Brad Winderbaum‎
  • Based on: Marvel Comics
  • Written by: Taika Waititi; ‎Jennifer Kaytin Robin…‎

  • Release Date (Theaters): Jul 8, 2022 wide
  • Box Office (Gross USA): $343.2M
  • Release Date (Streaming): Sep 8, 2022
  • Runtime: 2h 5m
  • Genres ; Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi

Thor: Love and Thunder

  • Release date: 6 July 2022 (Australia)
  • Director: Taika Waititi
  • Box office: 76.09 crores USD
  • Prequel: Thor: Ragnarok
  • Cinematography: Barry Baz Idoine, Barry Idoine
  • Budget: 25 crores USD

  • IMDb 6.3/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes 64%
  • Metacritic 57%

Thor: Love and Thunder spoiler……..

I was shocked, as they gave Thorne  adopted daughter at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder . The whole time that was playing out, I was like, really, we’re doing this. I mean, this is a huge change for the character and unique to the MCU.

Thor certainly has never had an adopted daughter .And while he’s had, he’s had, he’s had granddaughters and and in Jason Aaron’s recent run, but he’s never had anyone that he was like responsible for. Whenever you would meet Thor’s daughter, it was like in some alternate universe or a dystopian future, and you were like those not around.

But look who is like that kind of a situation. And now, once the shock wore off, I remembered something that I’d heard from one of my sources, and that’s been percolating in the back of my mind. And that’s that a lot of The Avengers are going to become parents and the very, new future.

And I’m not just talking Wanda, whose twins, of course, in the comics famously grew up to be fan favorites. Quicken and then also speed, who nobody really cares about but, you know we’re gonna get wicked. But and so, but I’d heard also that I heard there was a possibility that Tuchola would be having a son that would be revealed in the in the very very near future.

But I hadn’t heard anything about Thor getting a child and so I was really surprised .But it makes sense from what I’ve heard about this literal new generation of Avengers. I mean, as I said, there have always been like, you know, alternate universe children and and dystopian future kids.

And they’ve played around with different hookups, like who gets together with who and has a child. But they’ve never done it in the main storyline, really. Although DC has dipped a toe in this pond. I was going to mention them later in the website, but I’ll mention them now as well, Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne.

Jonathan Kent has already taken over for Superman and I think that Damian Wayne has been, you know, it’s been teased. He would do the same with his, with his pops. And I have to say, well, it’s never taken in the past, Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne.

Have proven to be quite popular. I like them a lot. I usually never like these characters, you know, these these kids of the characters you really want to read. But I like these guys. I like Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne quite a bit.

So with the MCU, this is one way to literally bring in a new generation. You know, we’ve been wondering what Marvel’s going to do other other franchises. Reset with a new actor in the lead role. But Marvel can’t really do that because they’re telling one continuous story. So their option is variants.

They can bring in variance now from other universes or also now the children of these famous heroes who they’re going to have to age up fast. Nobody wants to watch Junior Avengers, maybe somebody. Does. I mean, I don’t think so though. So yes, Gores daughter is a completely new character in the comics.

Gore even had a son instead of a daughter. So this is totally Taika Waititi’s doing at Kevin Feige’s approval. So at the end of Thor 11 Thunder, just to recap, the God eternity grants Gore one wish and .Thor convinces Gore not to wish for the death of all gods, although I got the feeling that maybe Gore wasn’t quite sure what his wish was going to be.

Maybe I think he just needed. I think he wanted someone maybe to convince him, and his real concern about bringing his daughter back to life was that he was dying thanks to the Necro Sword which had poisoned his soul, and he would like who would take care of mine?You would take care of my daughter.

So Thor, with Jane’s encouragement, agrees to adopt her. And as I said in my spoiler review, I thought that the look on Thor’s face, you know, Chris Hemsworth did a wonderful job. You know, Christian Bale was face acting all over this movie.

But in that moment, I thought that Chris Hemsworth did a wonderful job conveying the conflicting emotions of Thor in that moment. That this was a huge responsibility that he wasn’t sure he wanted to undertake, but he felt that not only did he owe it to put Gore on the right path and to save all the other gods, but it was something to honor Jane.

And of course, he just lost Jane and was dealing with those emotions. So it was really, really good. It was great. It’s like I wanted my girlfriend, but instead I got this adopted kid. But I like this kid. I think this kid has potential. And then we have that great end end scene where it seems like Thor is getting her ready for school, but instead it’s for battle. See the stripey ones?

Those are the ones we’re trying to help. That was great because he’s still going across the Galaxy, fighting the good fight, being the deciding factor in these skirmishes or battles, right? But now we have some company.

Gores daughter has the powers of a God, including purple eye beams. I do love I beams. ** *** ruined that Pant that that that pan. I thought that was great and jumps into battle alongside Thor wielding Stormbreaker.

While Thor has Mueller back, which his new daughter has decorated like a doll slash girls. Bicycle, which I also thought was kind of funny. And they are the duo that is known as that is known as the title of the movie Love and Thunder. I love it. It’s so sweet.

So, but let’s back up here because there’s there’s some interesting stuff to zero in on on this development. So First off, when Gore’s daughter comes back to life, she at the she had very first looks like the God eternity.

She’s a silhouette of herself filled in with space, right? Is Gores daughter eternity itself? Is it that the God become Gore’s daughter or is it a part of eternity? Because, you know, where did you know Gores daughter doesn’t have power? So where did these powers come from? You know that wasn’t in the wish.

Maybe it was maybe, Gore said. You know, maybe go ahead. A silent wish. You wanted, you know, to promote his daughter and to make sure she didn’t run into the problems that he did. She’s like make her a God so she doesn’t have to worship them.

That would be interesting. If it was part of Gores. Wish you’d never. I don’t think he actually said it out loud. It all happened so fast and I couldn’t believe what was happening .So anyway. I’m also curious if that’s even Gore’s daughter at all. I mean, I think they should have asked her some questions.

I mean it’s really interesting. It’s just a shadow of Gore’s daughter, you know, eternities interpretation of her. I I would have some questions. Alright, so in the comics eternity that God could manipulate the universe itself, which is I guess how it can grant wishes.

And it brings Gores daughter back to life. But if she has part of Eternity’s powers, would that mean that as she got older and learned how to do to handle her powers, could she bring people back to life too, or create shadows of them?

Like, you know, you know where I’m going with this? Could she bring her own father back? Gore, Christian Bale has been going around in interviews making it seem like he might come back. Is he trying to avoid spoilers? Is he pulling? And Andrew Garfield?

I love that’s what that’s called now, or are there plans? Does he know that maybe he could be brought back? I hope so, because he was a waste of a fantastic villain. She could maybe be the one to reach Valhalla right where Jane Foster.

I mean, Thor is a God too though. But where Jane Foster, Heimdall and maybe a heck of other characters are drinking meat. Be sure to check out my separate video going into that and credit scene in depth. But I also have to add that when I saw her looking similar to eternity, that silhouette of space, she reminded me of singularity.

From the recent a force comic which didn’t do so well, but I thought that visually singularity singularity was a very captivating character. Singularity didn’t have no eye beams or super strength, but still I do wonder if she’s partly the inspiration for this new character of Gore’s daughter.

I also wonder if Gore’s daughter could eventually become the MCU’s Angela, right? This character started. Angela started out in the spawn comics, but due to a legal battle over ownership a couple of years ago she was brought over to Marvel Comics, right? And she was reimagined as the long lost sister.

She didn’t really work out. I don’t think anybody really bought her comics, but I think it was a pretty good idea .She was reimagined as the long lost sister of Thor, like Hella in the movies, only in the comics HeLa isn’t related to Thor and Loki at all, but Angela was kidnapped by the Angels, which are pretty much like the Valkyries but just in a different realm as a mere baby.

Lots of babies being traded around Loki now Angela, and she later is reunited with her brother and. Family Shira style very much like the Shira storyline. Now since joining Marvel Comics, Angela joined the Guardians of the Galaxy with with some pretty cool artwork I must say and and went on to have many adventures both in space and the 9 realms.

Angela has a very distinct look, very cool look and I can see that maybe being borrowed for Thor’s Daughter as she gets older. I mean, there’s a great look right there. She even kind of has the face tattoos right? That that Angela has. I think it’s an interesting idea.

Giving Thor a daughter this way also reminds me a bit of Batman and Robin with them out in action together. Batman and Carrie Kelly Robin, right? Although Thor treats Gores daughter like an actual. Daughter, whereas Bruce Wayne treats his Robbins as apprentices and soldiers in training, so it’ll be a healthier relationship. I agree with Korg. I think there would make and is making a fantastic father.

I do wonder if they’ll bring this development over to the comics. I’d be down for it if it was well written, giving established characters and comics that have big fan bases. Children can be very difficult to do, but as I said, Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne have turned out very well, so it is doable.

Finally. Did anyone notice that then they were when they were interacting with the with the God eternity, they were in an open expanse with an endless horizon. Water on the ground looked an awful lot like the plane where you go after.

That during the Infinity Stone snap right Soul World, AKA the inside of the Soul Stone. Tony Stark was also supposed to see an older version of his daughter there after he snapped his fingers at the end of end game, but the scene was cut, although we’ve all seen it in the deleted scenes anyway, that’s similarity in environments can’t be a coincidence, so hopefully we’ll find out how.

Eternity and soul. World might be connected or related. I thought that was a very distinct choice that they made. So what do you think of the ending of Thor 11 Thunder? What do you think about Thor having a daughter and what it means for the MCU at large with all these kids coming into the picture, Heimdall heimdall’s kid too and and you know all these other Avengers like you know Wanda and potentially to Chala.

Thor: Love and Thunder

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