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ticket to paradise review guardian |ticket to paradise review 2022

God forbid people go and watch a George Clooney romantic comedy was more bin is waiting to get buried. Normal f******* island, people. You’d be gay, f************. Ticket to paradise.So take it to paralyze is a new romantic comedy  movie.

ticket to paradise review guardian
ticket to paradise review guardian

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy ; Original Language: English
  • Release Date (Theaters): Oct 21, 2022 wide
  • Runtime: 1h 44m
  • Release date: 6 October 2022 (India)
  • Director: Ol Parker
  • Producers: Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Deborah Balderstone, Tim Bevan, Sarah Harvey, Grant Heslov, Eric Fellner
  • Distributed by: Universal Pictures
  • Budget: $60 million
  • Music by: Lorne Balfe

I genuinely can’t remember last time I saw romantic comedy  stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney as two divorced parents who have to fly to Bali to stop their daughter Kaitlyn Dever from marrying this guy in Bali that she’s only known for like a month and a half. And you know, it’s I don’t need to give you more than that door.

You know exactly what’s going to f******* happen. And hell yeah.I was really looking forward to seeing this, actually. You know, it’s one of those movies I don’t think I’d really heard of before they did the trailer. And then I watched the trailer and it’s just like, holy f**** sometimes in life you don’t know what you’re missing.

And it turns out it’s just an old school, early 2000s, late 90s romcom where George Clooney is being George Clooney and Julia Roberts is being Julia Roberts and you’re like, holy f****.And maybe from a major studio which is costing and completely kind of held up by the sheer charisma and star power. Or it’s too old Hollywood leads.

I mean, not in like a year old Hollywood. Not they’re old. I mean, they are all, but you know what I mean, f**** it. I’d marry George Clooney. I don’t give a f****. It just looks really fun and like I’m a complete sucker for George Clooney. Like, like, genuinely.You’re watching this movie.

You’re watching George Clooney be George Clooney. Like is there a movie star left on the planet like him that has the level of charisma and the just the the the thing that he has the Clooney package. And it’s just like you just get swept up in it and that that’s why the movie is this is not going to win any awards.

This is not going to you know it’s not going to.Might break the bank. I hope it does. Is, you know, you’ve seen this kind of thing literally a million times before. That doesn’t f******* matter because.When the ingredients of this good, it doesn’t matter if you’ve had the recipe a million times because it’s like Bucky is still good.

This sheet is why it’s been passed down through the families. I mean, it’s George Clooney and Julia Roberts being George Clooney and Julia Roberts doing a bit of the movie. There’s not particularly like, OK, this is OK, I’m waiting is the bit where they’re setting up.

On Bali with Caitlin Deaver and Billy Lords as characters are first going to Bali and you have, I don’t know, 10:10 or so minutes without George Clooney, you know, bike. Give me about the clone disk clone. Yeah, just the chemistry between him and Julia Roberts is.

I mean it.Is there any point saying is good? They’re f******* old friends. My head Canon is this is just Danny and Tess Ocean. Just forget they’ve had a daughter. They’re doing their f****. I mean, it’s it’s it’s like there’s been an interview of them going viral this week and you’d be thinking all this from the press for this.

No, it’s for I think I can’t remember what it is. They’ve done quite a few together. Money, money, money.The thing that money thing they did might have been that.Which I could call money, not a money heist, or something like that. But it’s just they’re perfect together.

They’re just, they’re just, they’re bickering, they’re fighting, they’re arguing is commonly that on paper probably doesn’t look like it’s going to be that great when they’re just, they’re at their daughter’s graduation. They’re trying to one up each other like I love you, love you more product, products, all this kind of stuff.

And it’s like they’re just making it fun and the way that.Tony says lockstep because he says it’s so much. It’s either lockstep and it’s like it’s just he’s just f******* great. And when they have to deliver on like the emotional moments because, you know, they’ve gone through stuff in their past, they’re divorced, they’re watching daughter getting married.

It’s you’re like f****. There’s movies actually. Ah, it’s getting me. It’s pulling me in because they’re just phenomenal f******* actors. They’re really f*******.Sunny day off, just so much fun to watch together. Like, seriously, I genuinely one of my favorite performances in a movie is George Clooney in burn after reading because it’s just tapping into what makes George Clooney fun.

I mean, there’s a *f****** I swear to God there is a *f****** ******* outtake blooper reel.And the funding credits of this movie that’s if that doesn’t sound meant, you’re just like nineties, 2000s feeling love for this movie that does. And you’re just watching George Clooney in the outtakes being essentially the same person that he is in the movie because he’s just, he’s just *f****** brilliant.

As is Julia Roberts and I just, I I could watch 100 of these f******* movies but their chemistry and just them.Being movie stars like it feels like such a weird novel thing. And we were saying this about Top Gun as well in 2020 to be going there’s a movie with movie stars and it feels like a movie with movie stars. This location filming with movie stars.

And it’s like, we used to make a million of these. Why don’t they anymore? I know Matt Damon displaying why, but they’re great. Caitlin Deaver is their daughter is also great. I mean, you know exactly what you’re getting.Her and her friendship with Billy Lord, our friend, she’s the studious daughter who’s, you know, run away with this guy and you know exactly how it’s going to wind.

And she’s all mum and dad, please. And then Billy Lord, who’s f******* excellent in the movie. It was definitely the biggest role I’ve. I’ve seen the first personally. She’s the rambunctious friend who’s drinking and, you know, partying. And you know she’ll eventually find love in some third movie.But they they play their role to perfection.

They’re great. It’s you know, you’re here for Julia to be nice, and honestly, they’re just so fun and the movie is so funny with them. It’s just, like I said, it makes the simple things pop because it’s just Clooney and Roberts doing their thing in the movie. Just puts such a big smile on my face.

Is the scene poorly? My favorite scene, definitely my favorite scene in a movie where.Julia Roberts and George Clooney are playing ping pong against Caitlyn Deaver and her fiance G’day. They filmed this movie in Australia, so it must have been really f******* funny for everybody. Involved with one of the characters is literally called good day and they’re filled, they’re playing beer pong and they’re dancing around the f******* House of Paynes.

Jump around, I think it was. It’s like that by run DMC and f******* everybody dance now.By seeing the music factory was also a bit alarming that Caitlin Deaver who was only five years younger than me said or actually was Billy Lords but their characters are 25, said could you put something on old school for these guys and they immediately played CNC music factory. Everybody else on my ship is one of my favorite songs.

How my my older than I think I am and you just watching George Clooney with a smile on his face dance around, jump around.The House of Payne with Julia Roberts with a smile on their face and it’s like.I got a small office this. She is fun on there, popping a bounce along.

I mean, I’m a single 30 year old bloke who went to go and see a George Clooney, Julia Roberts, romcom Ohlone at 5:30 on a Wednesday afternoon. That’s the sentence that should probably never be constructed in the history of the English language, but it has, and I had a really f******* good time doing it. The plot.You you know exactly where it is going.

I’m not gonna give you any spoilers but you know exactly where it’s going. You’ve seen this a million times before but like I said when the ingredients of this good you don’t give a f****. And it is. It’s just from the surroundings and the settings are beautiful. They filmed in Queensland, not Bali. Indonesia. I don’t know why. Money probably.

You get swept away in a movie that feels like it’s been transported in from 2000 and.Right. And then, like I said, you get the f******* blueberry on the credit switch. Oh my God, I’ve missed those. So why do people not do those anymore?

I mean.I get for some reason he’s way down. But like Marvel movies, particularly big movies like that big fun superhero movies would be so good with the f******* blueprint credits. All comedies should have a blueprint on the credits.

That feels like it should be a prerequisite for making a comedy movie. You should have a blue. I mean, the rush hour bloopers are almost as like because the movie is itself. Damn, he ain’t gonna be in rush hour.Sorry, it just, it adds so much to, you know, you’re smiling because the movie is great and it’s ended done nicely and it’s ending happy.

And then you get the f******* bloopers in the credits and there’s just, oh, it leaves you just like buoyant. And you’re like, yeah, man, that was really, really fun. The comedy works for me because it’s just like I said, it’s boasting and coasting on the star power, the sheer charisma.And star power, that is George Clooney. And Julia Roberts helps.

Like I said that they are both really f******* funny. I mean, genuinely George Clooney, I don’t think he gets enough props for how f******* funny he is. He seriously doesn’t. And it’s just, look, you know, this isn’t my normal bag, you know? I do love a good romcom. I do love a good ROM com. I think everybody ever blokes especially they all.

Deep down, we all do.Up a big ROM com. We’re all deep sappy dudes in down there. Like, I love the puzzle. I love crazy, stupid love. Just when you get movies like that, which I just have, Hollywood stars being Hollywood stars and they’re fun and they’re buoyant and they’re bright and they’re sunny and everything’s great and everyone’s having a good time.

And even when they’re not, you’re having a good time watching them, Becker and everything, and it’s just.They don’t make them like they used to. And this is a really f******* fun movie. I mean it just, I don’t know how many more ways I can say that it’s really, really, really f******* fun. Some reason we got this a month before the states,

but hey, Yankee Doodle doos go more this in a month because we need more movies like this show the studios that we can get more movies with George Clooney in a rom-com Moto win for old people. They’re like, I don’t know how old.Of a rom-com starring people in that age bracket that doesn’t sound very often.

ticket to paradise review guardian

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