wakanda forever cast | wakanda forever spoilers 2022

wakanda forever cast

wakanda forever cast
wakanda forever cast | wakanda forever spoilers 2022

Top Cast

  • Letitia Wright · Shuri
  • Lupita Nyong’o · Nakia
  • Danai Gurira · Okoye ;
  • Winston Duke · M’Baku ;
  • Angela Bassett · Ramonda.

  • Release date: 11 November 2022 (India)
  • Director: Ryan Coogler
  • Language: English
  • Screenplay: Ryan Coogler, Joe Robert Cole
  • Producers: Kevin Feige, Nate Moore
  • Cinematography: Autumn Durald

  • Budget: $250 million
  • box office collection ;expected $365 million worldwide
  • Production company: Marvel Studios
  • Story by: Ryan Coogler
  • Music by: Ludwig Göransson


  • Genres ;action ,scifi ,Drama,Adventure, Fantasy
  • Runtime ; 2h41m


  • IMDb 7.3/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes 86%

wakanda forever spoilers …………

Interesting about Black Panther Wakanda forever is that it’s the first MCU movie in a very long time. We’re the only movie you need to have seen to appreciate this one is the first Black Panther movie. That’s right, it’s a straight sequel, baby, and in many ways that is just so refreshing.

And also gives Black Panther Wakanda forever a timeless feel. You know, back when sequels were just sequels and didn’t need to plug in to this whole greater franchise, which I’m still a fan of, but this is very nice and it doesn’t feel like the next widget to roll off the MCU assembly line.

You got to work on that.Foggy, you gotta work on that. What’s also very refreshing about Black Panther Wakanda forever is the very high stakes. Oh, there’s a lot at stake. Not only does the death of Chadwick Boseman hang over the film artfully, so, oh, I can’t wait for you to see what they how they handle that.

It’s incredible. But no more and.That’s how. That’s how they pronounce Namur in the film.But no more in his people present a genuine deadly threat the way water is used as a weapon here. Oh my goodness, I don’t wanna ruin it for you.

Let’s just say it was shown in slow motion, which was incredible. We have a lot to discuss in the spoiler review that included, there is one.Mid credit scene, but even though and we have a lot to discuss, even though the movie hardly ties into the MCU at large, as I said in my first reaction video.

And that’s because the world building and character development for both will conda and Taloqan, which is the name of Namur Namur’s Kingdom. It’s hard.To start, I just got used to saying anymore, but anyway, it’s so impressive.

These worlds are both expanded rapidly, giving us plenty due to to discuss some of the choices with Taloqan in particular caught me off guard. One choice in particular I love so much that I can’t wait to discuss it with you.

All right, so on that note.Also, there are very high stakes for the entire world. The entire world, not just these two kingdoms, but the entire world with vibranium. It’s always about vibranium, once you know what a James Bond villain would covet if, you know they were in the MCU, being a hotly debated and coveted natural resource.

And that’s all I’m going to say.Vibranium, because then we’d be getting into spoiler territory, but it once again central to the story.Is Black Panther Wakanda forever a perfect movie? Some of you probably are rolling your eyes right now being like, never any criticism for Marvel. Well, it’s pretty darn close, but there are some flaws.The third one flaw.

I have three flaws for you. Well, you know, kind of four, but but anyway, one’s the midnight Angel armor, which I will briefly touch on later in this review, and then certainly in the spoiler review. But I would say that the third act drags, it drags a bit, and it succumbs to montage. Itis welcome back.Montage man. One of my favorite robot chicken sketches.

But they have a task. That task they need to accomplish in the third act. But it just seems so impossible to accomplish it in the time that they have that the movie tries to sell it by doing it in a montage. It’s like that’s what the robot chicken sketch was about. Need to learn entirely new language.Montage man’s here.

You’ll do it in 5 minutes. But he so it’s a little bit at that level of ridiculousness. So at least for me, the spell of the movie was temporarily broken. And I was like, that’s silly. But then they pulled me back in with awesomeness.

Also, Taloqan Nemours Nemours.Under it’s supposed to be. I don’t wanna tell you why it’s pronounced that way anymore. Is underwater Kingdom.See, you know, well, it’s not shot dry for wet, like Aquaman was done so effectively.

I mean, who cares if Aquaman did it first? It’s amazing. That’s how it should be shot. But here it seems that they actually stuck actors in a water tank, and that is not very effective because you don’t get the feeling that anyone, even the characters that you’re looking at, actually live down there.

You’re like, wow this, you know, you know when you watch Aquaman, you’re like, what a cool Kingdom, I love it down here. But here you’re like, boy, you got a little nervous. You’re like, how long can you hold your breath?

Oh, Speaking of VFX, there are a few times because, you know, they should have used VFX more for the underwater sequences, but there are a few times.On land, when you can tell they’re using the volume, you’re like, you’re just standing in front of a green screen, you know.

Well, a very advanced screen screen. Thank you very much. There was one shot with Sherry in particular. You’ll know it when you see it. When you’re like, that’s ridiculous. It almost was like an insert. And they’re like, oh, here we are.

And Wakanda, like an SNL sketch. It was that. So, like, that was just one shot.And you’ll know it when you see it. It was really silly.But then there are also a few shots on top of that giant warship where the scope of the movie fell short and the battle seemed too small for what it was.

But that’s good news, because that means on the flip side, for almost the entire film, the story does feel very grand, and Wakanda and its people is majestic and powerful as ever.It was great to go back to Wakanda.

Loved it. Alright, let’s talk Sherry. And it’s too bad that Letitia Wright has had some personal drama online, as her performance here is phenomenal of all the recent MCU heroines that have been introduced, and there have been a lot.

She and Elena are my favorites, and it’s interesting because Shuri is the exact opposite of Yelena. Sherrie is actually quite touchingly a lot like her brother. She shares a lot of the same qualities. Regal, reserved, compassionate, but also stern and quite shrewd.

Very good, I think. Pretty good leader, actually, or at least on her way to becoming.Like Titala, she takes calculated risks and her still waters run deep. Good metaphor for this movie.

Hearing her consulate were constantly referred to as Princess creates a very different type of Disney Princess, a bit like Leia and I am here for it with a very short haircut and thin wire frame, right cuts in and draw.

Chinese figure, which helps put the focus on her more simply as a person than a female hero, and I really liked that as well. She also delivers a right a stunning portrayal of someone wrestling with grief, yet still trying to move ahead as best she can.

Oh, very moving performance. I really felt her pain through the screen.That was incredible. But that’s I think speaks to everyone because, again, as I said in my first reaction video, the grief that they’re dealing with is real because Chadwick Boseman, tragically, actually died. On the flip side, Tina Huerta brings no more to life from the pages of Marvel Comics and to see him move so powerfully in the sea.

On the land and in the air, he’s got all the elements covered. Baby is thrilling indeed. Oh, he looks so cool. When he was fighting that ship, he flipped over the top of it. Oh my gosh. Can’t wait to see that again. We haven’t seen a Marvel villain this good since foxes Magneto.

And just like Magneto, Namur kills in the name of protecting his people.Doesn’t make it right. Doesn’t make it right.There is a moment when he’s showing Sherry around his Kingdom and you’re like, I can’t wait for Sue Storm to get the tour because of course their flirtation is so famous in the comics.

Although I have to say I felt a bit of a spark between him and Sherry. Although also I think more would have a spark with pretty much everyone as he’s very charismatic and he knows it.Another way that he is dangerous.

He’s got his flirt on, he’s got his flirt on. And as I said in my first reaction video, this is a movie almost entirely of women and besides anymore, who again is going up against all women. So at some points he feels a little bit like Jack Nicholson and the Witches of Eastwick there. Sometimes the movie takes on that quality, which is very interesting.

But there’s, you know, in Baku and Martin Freeman’s effort, Kay Ross are here, but they have very little to do and feel sidelined. You know, I think at moments when you see how little those two characters have to do, you do feel that guys are sidelined a bit in this movie.

And I think to have at least given in Baku more to do would have helped to broaden protect. We’ll see. I hope it still has broad appeal.

But if it doesn’t, the mistake was not giving in Baku, more to do. Because I think that would have helped with some male moviegoers who unfortunately, but I you know, you could, you have to, you have to be, you have to be understanding a little bit who with the absence of to Chala might feel sidelined themselves, they might feel sidelined themselves.

And giving mbaku more to do would have headed that off.Of the past, but wow. Angela Bassett deny Guerrera and Dominique Thorne are all powerhouses, both of their incredible scenes and their strength of personality that burst through the screen.

As I’ve been saying, Bassett has a genuine shot in an Oscar nom for her work here, and a coyote is as incredible as ever. So impressive.She’s often called out by The Avengers and once again you see why. Her role here is also like everyone elses, but she is a very emotional role here.

They really gave denied Guerrera a lot to work with and it was really good. She did a great job.RiRi Williams has had trouble connecting with fans in the comics since the day she was introduced, but with Kugler and Thorns version of the character, I feel much better about her upcoming Disney plus show.

I was like, and I’m a big Tony Stark fan, so you might be like, I might be like, oh, I miss Tony Stark, what’s going on here? But I was like, you know what? I feel his legacy is in good hands.With this version of reward RiRi Williams, I liked it quite a bit.

And it’s great to add Michaela Cole to this film. She’s a wonderful actress, but her role is quite small. It’s very small. She’s still good. To her credit though, she’s still is able to breakthrough and make a strong impression.

But unfortunately, her romance with Florence Kasumba’s IO from the comics has been almost entirely cut out from the film.Except another blink and you miss a kiss, but this time on the forehead. How are you even, you know, in terms of queer baiting, this is a real problem for, you know, Disney in particular.

But how are they going backward when they have so little representation to begin with? You’re like, you think the Star Wars thing was silly, but at least that was an actual romantic kiss. This is just, you know, it’s.

And they should, I think. I’m. I’m curious. Do you think they should have even bothered including it at all? It at all when it’s so insulting? Alright, we’ll talk about the Midnight Angel armor in the spoiler review, because some changes have been made to it, and I don’t want to spoil them.

But I have mixed feelings about the Midnight Angel armor. I got to tell you right now.Alright, As for Ryan Kugler, who once again directs and as the Co writer with Joe Robert Cole, who was the Co writer on the last movie too.

Kugler does a wonderful job further expanding the world of Black Panther and Wakanda and Taloqan. He does a pretty good job of Taliban. I’d like, I like taloqan. I wish they’d shot dry for wet. But not only does he further expand this world, but he anchors it as well.

There aren’t a lot of shots where I was like, that’s an amazing shot. It’s not one of those type of movies.But it’s more that the entire package from top to bottom is just so tight and impressive. You’re like, that is all. You’re just like, damn like, wow.

Like production design, costume design, score, cinematography, acting, writing. It just all fits together so beautifully. It’s just really impressive. There are solid action scenes.Throughout, I’ll be I’ll be honest, they could have been a bit better, but they’re good.

But Kugler and his team are able to make even the smallest scenes in details thrilling and exciting. You’re like, oh wow, not that much is happening. But I’m so excited. Like, for instance, just no more coming out of the water on a quiet, quiet, serene African night.

Is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a movie. I was like, wow, I want Kugler for secret wars, and I hear that funky wants him for secret wars, but Kugler needs a little bit more.You know, a little bit more convincing to take on such a big project, you know, it would be a very big deal to do it, I hope, he says.

I do feel that Kugler is up there with Destin Daniel Cretton in terms of the steadiest hands building out their respective corners of the MCU right now. I don’t know how Wonderman fits into Destin Daniel Cretton’s corner, but I don’t care.

He’s great.And with Gretton getting Kang Dynasty, it really only makes sense that Kugler would get the other half of that one two punch, which is secret wars. Alright, so that’s enough talk about Black Panther Wakanda forever.

Just go experience the movie. Just experience it. And don’t forget to tweet me your picture for the movie math ticket montage if you’d like to participate.With instructions on how to participate are pinned to the top of the comment section down below.

The deadline is Midnight Eastern Standard Time Saturday November 12th. I know that’s halfway through the weekend only, but us Scots to edit movie math so it goes up on Sunday.And be sure to come back here later this very week.

It’s Black Panther Wakanda forever week for tons of spoiler coverage. Oh, we’re going to have a real good time. Alright. I hope nobody ruins this cool stuff for you because it’s awesome.

wakanda forever cast

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wakanda forever cast

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