Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch’s composer on Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet and more, dies aged 85

Angelo Badalamenti, the acclaimed composer who created haunting music for David Lynch projects including Blue Velvet,

Twin Peaks and Mulholland Dr, Has died at the age of 85, bought all while many died on Sunday of natural causes

.Surrounded by family at his New Jersey home, his niece told The Hollywood Reporter Lynch and Badalamenti would become close friends

and collaborators working together on Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, wild at Heart, Twin Peaks Fire Walk with me.Lost highway,

the straight story and Mulholland Dr Badalamenti also appeared on screen as the coffee loving gangster Luigi Castiglion in Mulholland

Dr and played piano with Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet, the classically trained musician.

Also worked with the likes of Nina Simone, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Shirley Bassey, Mary Ann faithful, Liza Minelli's Pet Shop Boys

and LL Cool J over his varied career and composed themes including inside the Actors Studio and the Torch theme for the 1992

.Olympic Games on 1986's Blue Velvet, his first collaboration with Lynch, he was brought in to work as a vocal coach for Rossellini.

Lynch asked him to write a tune for the score, saying let it float like the tides of the ocean, make it collect space.

In time, timeless and endless, which became this song mysteries of Love, performed by Julie Cruz.

Eventually Lynch tasked him with writing the film score, asking for Badalamenti to be like Shostakovich. Be very Russian, but make it the most beautiful thing

.But make it dark and a little bit scary. Badalamenti wrote the music for most of Twin Peaks without having seen any of the footage.

In 2018, Badalamenti recalled riding Laura Palmer's theme with Lynch.David came to my little office across from Carnegie Hall and said I have this idea for a show, Northwest passage.

He sat next to me at the keyboard and said, I haven't shot anything, but it's like you are in a dark woods with an owl in the background and a cloud over the moon and Sycamore trees are

blowing very gently. He said. A beautiful, troubled girl is coming out of the woods.Walking toward the camera.I played this sounds he inspired.