Gucci Mane's 80-Songs Collection is Longer Than 'Titanic'

Gucci Mane dropped the final iteration of So Icy Boyz: The Finale on Friday, which seemed to be the bookend for his Icy Boyz projects over the past two years.

The rapper delivered an 80-track album that included both new music and past work, including a song he had dropped with Offset five years earlier.

New songs featured on the 4-disc project are tracks such as "Hot Winter Freestyle" with Lil TJ, "J&G" with Jeremih, and "F*** Wit Zay" featuring 2 Chainz.

Past tracks like last year's 2017's "Met Gala" with Offset and Big 30, "S*** Crazy" and "Poppin'" with BigWalkDog are also on the album,

which marks Gucci Mane's 2022 grand finale in 3 hours 51 Helping to complete in minutes. , About 20 minutes longer than "The Titanic".

He also shared the album's extensive spotlight with rappers signed to his label, including KATO2x, Li Rye, Mac Critter, Sett, and TLE Cinco.

So Easy Boys: The Finale takes tracks from So Easy Gang: The Reap, So Easy Christmas, So Easy Boys (Deluxe), Ice Daddy and So Easy Summer. with Offset ("Met Gala" was first performed on 2017's DroptopWop.)

Gucci Mane dropped the tracklist for his album on Instagram Thursday night.

The comments of his post were filled with questions about why the Scar and Pooh Sheisty songs from his previous projects didn't make it onto the 80-track project.

"Where tf Shiesty at??" wrote one commenter. "No mark I'm not fw it," wrote another. "It's not so Snowy Boyz without the poo foo," wrote a third.

Among the songs featured on the album is "Letter to Takeoff", a tribute to the late rapper that Gucci dropped several weeks earlier

, “How the f— we gon' lose Takeoff? Damn it, he didn't deserve it / We shouldn't question God, but damn, Takeoff was perfect,” he raps on the tribute.