Netflix has revealed an official trailer for a fascinating new documentary series Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street

Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street is a 4-part out-of-your-seat financial thriller series that uncovers the truth behind Bernie Madoff's infamous multibillion-dollar global Ponzi scheme and the ways in which the willfully blind Financial system is allowed.

It flourishes for decades. It appears that much of this footage is actually a recreation/re-enactment, with an actor playing Madoff in various scenes to help explain and understand his role in the Wall Street game.

" The series looks like a chilling and infuriating look at how nearly everyone was conned, and most are still living the high life afterward.

Uncovers the truth behind Bernie Madoff's infamous $64 billion global Ponzi scheme, the largest in history,

that wrecked the lives of countless individual investors who put their trust in the revered Wall Street politician.

With unique access to whistleblowers, employees, investigators and victims, and never-before-seen video confessions from Madoff himself,

this 4-part series traces Madoff's rise from humble beginnings to one of the most influential power brokers on Wall Street.

leads to one. Featuring an innovative visual approach and edge-of-your-seat financial thriller tone, prolific filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Conversations With a Killer, Crime Scene, Brother's Keeper) reveals the origins and,

for the first time, the mechanisms of Madoff's fraudulent investment advisory business. , exposing how the hoax was not just the brainchild of an evil genius, as many believed.

It reveals a cadre of Madoff co-conspirators and a financial system rife with institutions that were all too willing to turn a blind eye to Madoff's questionable behavior,

which clearly raises the troubling question: could such coercion and Could Destructive Fraud Happen Again?